Recommended Resources On Racial Injustice

Racial Injustice grieves the heart of God deeply. The entire gospel, the good news of God saving a people for himself is about unity. Without unity, there is no gospel. And yet, unity is a task that we cannot accomplish apart from God’s Holy Spirit working in us and through prayer. Here are several resources that we recommend as you pray, lament, confess, repent and act in regards to the sin of racism in our communities, our nation, and our world. May God give us eyes to see and hearts to lament.

Note: Elevate Hope Centennial would not endorse 100% of everything in every resource, but they are great resources to shape the understanding of racism in our culture.


One Blood by John Perkins

Bloodlines by John Piper

Oneness Embraced by Tony Evans

Reflections from a Christian Scholar.  You can find it here or click on the picture below.

Race-The Power of an Illusion Series on


This is a series on the PBS website. You can find it here.

What Does the Bible Say About Racism on


This is an article by Dr. Jim Denison on the Bible and racism. You can find it here.

An Example Of Systemic Racism From The Economic Policy Institute.

This is an in-depth example of systemic racism in a community. You can find the article here.


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