Helpful Resources for Exploring Faith

Got questions?

Maybe you are just starting out on the adventure of following Jesus.

Or maybe you have questions or doubts about God, or about the Christian faith.

Maybe you just want to grow.

There is so much information out there. Some of it good. Some of it not so much.

Below is a list of resources that we think are helpful for exploring faith, getting started following Jesus, or growing in your new faith. As always, we would love to walk beside you. Be sure to let us know any questions you have on our Contact page.

1. Free eBook: If You Could Ask God One Question

3. Exploring Faith and Reason at

4. Becoming a Christian or Exploring Faith

4. Becoming a Christian or Growing As A New Christian:

5. Next Steps To Take At Elevate Hope Centennial

6. For growth and answering tough questions, we recommend the Questions Christians Ask series. These are short books on common questions that Christians or those exploring barriers to faith commonly ask.

We will add more to this list so check back often! Be sure to let us know any questions you have or if you have started a relationship with Jesus. We would love to walk beside you as a church family of people who aren’t perfect and don’t pretend to be!


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